Institutional & Health

Comfort and Protection


Tricela® offers a wide variety of mattress and pillow protectors to meet each specific need.
All of our mattress protectors, wether for institutional or home use, are designed to help you with two important issues: Incontinence & sweat and dust mites allergies.
Our coated waterproof covers will keep your mattress and pillow dry and mite proff while you enjoy a comfortable and healthy sleep.


The best protection for:

• Hospitals
• Nursing homes
• Institutional Services
• Spa’s
• Domestic use
In addition to the mattress and pillow protectors, we also highlight the blankets for ambulances and stretchers that provide heating and shelter. All of these products stand out for being:

• Waterproof
• Breathable
• Anti-mites
• Anti-bacterial
• Washable up to 90ºC
• Bi-elastic
• Flame resistant
• Contain sanitized PU coating